My Lundholm Branch

Uncle, Don and Eugene Lundholm

circa 1940


Back l-r: Otto Ferdinand Lundholm, his wife Ellen Julia Bondeson, Peter August Lundholm, his wife Amanda Johnson, Reverend  Algot Theodore Lundholm, his wife Lydia Marie Olson, Oscar Leonard Lundholm, his wife Jennie Marie Gustafson.

Middle l-r: Johannes Gustaf Lundholm, his wife Alvida Marie Anderson, Adolf Frederick Lundholm, his wife Esther Palmquist, Axel Wilhelm Ostrand (Åstrand), husband of Anna Ottila Lundholm.

Front l-r: Carl Johan Lundholm, Jonas Peter Andreasson Lundholm, his wife Greta Lisa Johannesdotter Lundholm, Ida Christina Lundholm, her husband Peter Swenson.

Carl Johan family circa 1905

Back l-r: Agnes Marie, May Victoria, Signe Elizabeth. Front l-r: Axel Rudolph, Carl J0han, Chester Emanuel, Clarence Gustaf.

Photo courtesy: Martha Lundholm Jansson

Peter August family circa 1905

back row: Chester Emanuel (nephew)

Middle row l-r: Peter August, August Mauritz, Joseph Vernold. Front row l-r: Amanda Johnson, Florence, Levi.

Photo courtesy: Martha Lundholm Jansson

Ida Christina family circa 1905

Back row l-r: Peter Swenson, Arvid, Ida Christina Lundholm, Wilhelmina. Front row l-r: Anton, Adelia and Hilda.

Photo courtesy: Martha Lundholm Jansson

The beginning of the Lundholm family circa 1955. Don, Donny and Mona

Generations: Gene, Otto,

Don and Donny

circa 1956

Mary, Donald, Ramona, and Eugene

11 July 1953

Donald John Lundholm

Ramona Katherine Schmitz

Otto Ferdinand family circa 1905

Back row l-r: Otto Ferdinand Lundholm, Eugene, Ellen Julia nee: Bondeson. Front row l-r: Edith Julia, Richard and Rudolph.

Jonas Peter Andreason Lundholm

Greta Lisa Johannesdotter

circa 1905

Photo courtesy: Martha Lundholm Jansson

Otto Ferdinand Lundholm

Ellen Julia Bondeson

5 January 1899


Back l-r: Ida Christina, Oskar Leonard, Anna Otilia, Peter August

Middle l-r: Carl Johan, Jonas Peter, Greta Lisa

Front l-r: Johannes Gustaf, Otto Ferdinand, Algot Theodore, Adolf Frederick

Hem vid Baggatorp

I received this picture from a person in Åseda, Sweden. This is a picture of the home where Jonas Peter grew up. The house was torn down sometime around year 2002.

Current photo of the Lundholm home in

Winthrop, Sibley County, Minnesota.

photo courtesy: Linda Corbett Frick

Lundholm Family circa 1967

Don, Mona, Donny, Lynda,

Thomas and Michael

Family portrait circa 1958 uncle, Don, Gene, Mary, cousin and Donny

Eugene Lundholm

Mary Rose Lapic

circa 1955

Out on a date, Don and Mona, circa 1952

The children of Otto and Ellen circa 1949. Not in order: Eugene, Edith, Richard, Rudolph, Victor, Harry, George and Paul

Otto and Ellen’s family, children and grandchildren gather to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary

circa 1949

Eugene, uncle and Donald Lundholm,

circa 1938

Anders Bondeson, Ellen Lundholm, Gene Lundholm, Uncle Lundholm, Otto Lundholm

and Greta Lisa  Lundholm, age 94 

circa 1929

Ferdinand Eugene Lundholm

circa 1923.

Rudolph Lundholm, Eugene Lundholm, Mary Rose Lapic and Josephine Lapic

18 June 1927

18 June 1927

Gene Lundholm

Mary Lapic

Carl, Peter August and Greta Lisa Lundholm,

circa 1929.

Photo courtesy of Don and Carol DeMars

The Lundholm branch of my tree is from the parish of Näshult, in the province of Småland, Sweden. The immigrant family that came to the United States arrived at New York harbor and disembarked at Castle Garden, which today is in lower Manhattan. They arrived on 26 April 1884. Two brothers, having immigrated before the rest of their family, arrived in the United States in 1882. Whether by plan or by chance, the two young men, Karl Johan (Charles) and Peter August, ended up in Winthrop, Sibley County, with the rest of the family arriving two years later in 1884.

When Jonas Peter and his family immigrated to the United States, Sweden was still using the patronymic surname system. Meaning, the child would use the father’s given name and add son or dotter to the given name. For instance, Karl Johan would have been known by the surname of Jonasson or Jonsson and his sister would have been known as Jonasdotter or Jonsdotter. Karl and Peter would have been using the surname Jonasson or Jonsson, while the rest of the family, when they immigrated, traveled under their father’s surname of Andreasson or Anderson. How and why the surname Lundholm was chosen is an unknown mystery to me. The stories of the surname being changed at Ellis Island or that there were too many Anderson’s in the country are not correct assumptions.

My father’s ancestors

Lundholm - Swedish

Bondeson - Swedish

Lapic - Bohemian

Trenda - Bohemian

John Lapic, Mary Lapic Lundholm, Gene Lundholm,

Ellen Lundholm and Otto Lundholm

circa 1950

My mother’s ancestors

Schmitz - German

Colling - German - Lux

Boevers - German

Lick - Prussian

First Generation


1 Ferdinand Eugene Lundholm, was born in Winthrop, Sibley County, Minnesota, on 28 May 1899. At the age of 75, he died while living in Minneapolis, Hennepin County, Minnesota, on 7 August 1974.

On 18 June 1927 Ferdinand Eugene married Mary Rose Lapic in Chisago City, Chisago County, Minnesota.

Second Generation


2 Otto Ferdinand Jonasson Lundholm, was born in Stora Svartarp, Näshult, Jönköpings län, Småland, Sweden, on 9 June 1876. At the age of 90, he died while living in North Branch, Chisago County, Minnesota, on 11 February 1967.

On 5 January 1899 Otto Ferdinand Lundholm married Ellen Julia Bondeson in Walnut Grove, Redwood County, Minnesota.

They had the following children:

   1  i.      Ferdinand Eugene (1899-1974)

        ii.      Edith Julia (1901-1990)

        iii.     Richard William (1903-1962)

        iv.      Rudolph Durward (1905-1974)

        v.       Victor Emmanuel (1907-1972)

        vi.      Harry Theodore (-1969)

        vii.     George Manferd (1911-1985)

        viii.    Paul Jonas (1913-)

3 Ellen Julia Bondeson, was born in Minnesota on 7 March 1878. At the age of 80, she died while living in Chisago City, Chisago County,  Minnesota, on 15 January 1959.

Third Generation


4 Jonas Peter Andreasson, was born in Baggatorp, Åseda, Kronoberg län, Småland, Sweden, on 30 July 1833. At the age of 79, he died while living in Alfsborg, Sibley County, Minnesota, on 11 August 1912.

On 27 March 1858 Jonas Peter married Greta Lisa Johannesdotter.

They had the following children:

        i.       Carl Johan Jonasson (1859-1859)

        ii.      Carl Johan Jonasson (1860-1934)

        iii.     Oscar Fredric Jonasson (1861-1862)

        iv.      Ida Christina Jonasdotter (1862-1927)

        v.       Peter August Jonasson (1865-1948)

        vi.      Oskar Leonard Jonasson (1867-1924)

        vii.     Adolf Fredrick Jonasson (1870-1957)

        viii.    Anna Otilia Jonasdotter (1872-1937)

        ix.       Rev. Algot Theodore Jonasson (1875-1969)

   2  x.      Otto Ferdinand Jonasson (1876-1967)

        xi.       Johannes Gustaf Jonasson (1877-1970)

        xii.     Hilda Sofia Jonasdotter (1878-1879)

5 Greta Lisa Johannesdotter, was born in 1835. At the age of 99, she died while living in Winthrop, Sibley County, Minnesota, on 15 July 1935.

Fourth Generation


8 Andreas Jonsson, was born in 1809. At the age of 75, he died on 20 May 1884.

On 23 October 1831 Andreas married Anna Catherina Johannesdotter.

They had the following children:

    4  i.     Jonas Peter (1833-1912)

        ii.      Anders Johan (1836-1839)

        iii.     Carl Andreasson (1838-)

        iv.     Anna Stina (1841-)

        v.      Lena Maria (1843-1926)

        vi.     Emma Gustava (1846-1900)

        vii.    Johan Algot (1848-1849)

        viii.   Johan Algott (1850->1884)

        ix.     Carolina (1852->1895)

        x.      Oscar (1855-)

9 Anna Catherina Johannesdotter, was born in 1815. At the age of 70, she died on 19 December 1885.

10 Johannes Jonasson, was born in 1806. At the age of 70, he died on 17 April 1877.

On 26 December 1834 Johannes married Anna Maria Jonasdotter.

They had the following children:

    5  i.     Greta Lisa (1835-1935)

        ii.     Sven Jonas (1838-1838)

        iii.    Johanna Maria (1840-1920)

        iv.    Sven Johan (1843-1865)

        v.     Anna Katherina (1848-1848)

11 Anna Maria Jonasdotter, was born in 1810.

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Donald Lundholm graduates HS, circa 1950

Otto Ferdinand Lundholm and Ellen Julia Bondeson

circa 1949

For one, when the Lundholm family arrived at the shores of the United States, Ellis Island wasn’t open yet. And another, name changes sometimes happened by accident or through Anglicization where the pronunciation or spelling changed. I don’t have a theory or claim to know how my ancestors came by the Lundholm surname. If the name is broken into its roots then the Swedish translation would be: Lund = grove or copse and holm(e) = islet (very small island or rock in the water).

There are two siblings of Jonas Peter who also immigrated to the United States. One was a sister, Anna Stina and her husband Karl Magnus Johansson. I haven’t been able to recover any information on this family here in the states. The other sibling is Johan Algot Anderson, he is reported to have been in Chicago, again no information on him or his family.

Through my research I have traced this branch of my family tree to the late 1600s. They are from the Provinces of Jönköpings län and Koronberg län in Småland, Sweden.

Here is my Lundholm branch in pictures and below the pictures is a brief outline of this family’s ancestry starting with my grandfather.