My Lick Branch

Generations: Ramona Schmitz, Auguste Schulz Lick, Malinda Boevers Schmitz and Emma Lick Boevers

circa 1935

Children of William Lick and Auguste Schulz

circa 1965

L-R: Carl August,  Friedriche Christina Wilhelmina “Minnie”,   Herman Henrich, Alvina Anna Louisa, Alfred Edward, Ernestine Caroline Louise, Ella Clara.

In this picture: Juanita Schmitz, Ramona Schmitz, Malinda Boevers Schmitz, Emma Lick Boevers, Auguste Schulz Lick

circa 1940

Ella Clara Lick

circa 1920

My Lick ancestry comes to me through my great grandmother Emma Bertha Lick. Emma was the daughter of Johan Friederich William Lick (Lüeck) and Friedrike Auguste Schulz. Emma was born on 12 November 1885 in Cannon City, Rice County, Minnesota. She was the first born of 12 children. On 4 November 1913, Emma married Johan Christian Boevers in Wheeling Township. Emma and John had only one child that survived to adulthood, and that was my grandmother, Malinda Boevers.

Johan Friederich William Lick (Lüeck), Emma’s father, was born in Posen, Germany and up until a few a months ago I thought I knew who his parents were, but at this time I am not so sure. There is a web site called The Posen Marriage Project and on that site I found a marriage record for Gottlieb Lueck and Wilhelmine Schulz nee Gumlow. Well, up until this moment in time, I knew William’s father was Gottlieb Lick and his mother was Minnie. Please keep in mind that Lick is the anglicized name of Lueck. In all census records Minnie is shown to be somewhat older then Gottlieb. Gottlieb’s age in this record is 28 and Wilhelmine’s is 42 which holds true with what information I have on this family. So when I found this marriage record in the index, I really started to wonder who his parents really were. Heres why: The marriage record states that Wilhelmine is divorced and the marriage between Gottlieb and Wilhelmine was in 1865. My ancestor William Lick was reportedly born in 1861. So with the divorce and the date of their marriage I don’t believe Gottlieb is William’s father. So before, I was hoping to find a birth record for William, but now it has become imperative that I find his birth record. The marriage in question took place at the Protestant church in the parish of Schwersenz which is just northeast of the city of Posen. Hopefully, the father of the Johan Friederich William will be in his baptism record.

Right after I found this record, I felt that I recognized the name Wilhelmine Gumlow. I went to my genealogy program and I searched the surname Gumlow and in my files I actually have a Wilhelmine Gumptow. Do you think there may be a connection here? Wilhelmine was married to a Christian Schulz from the village of Samter in Posen,

First Generation


1 Emma Bertha Lick. She was born in Cannon City, Rice County, Minnesota, on 12 November 1885. At the age of 79, she died while living in Columbia Heights, Anoka County, Minnesota, on 20 November 1964. She was buried in Meadow Ridge Cemetery, Walcott, Rice County, Minnesota, on 23 November 1964.

On 4 November 1913 Emma Bertha married Johan Christian Boevers in Wheeling Township, Rice County, Minnesota.

They had the following children:

        i.      Leonara C. (1914-1914)

        ii.    Malinda Louise (1916-1991)

        iii.    Dorothea Sophia Ernestine (1918-1918)

Second Generation


2 Johann Friederich Wilhelm Lick. He was born in Germany on 15 February 1861. Immigrated in 1870 to From Germany to Holden,  WI. At the age of 61, he died while living in Faribault, Rice County, Minnesota, on 9 September 1922. He was buried in Saint John's Cemetery, Wheeling, Rice County, Minnesota, on 11 September 1922.

On 25 January 1885 Johann Friederich Wilhelm married Friedrike Auguste Schulz in Faribault, Rice County, Minnesota.

They had the following children:

   1    i.     Emma Bertha (1885-1964)

        ii.      Johan Gottlieb Ludwig (1886-1907)

        iii.     Friedriche Christine Wilhelmina (1887-1975)

        iv.      Julius Ernest (1889-1920)

        v.       Martha Ida (1890-1904)

        vi.       Albert Reinhold (1892-1892)

        vii.     Carl August (1894-1983)

        viii.    Herman Henrich (1897-1989)

        ix.       Alfred Edward (1899-1980)

        x.        Ernestine Caroline Louise (1901-1996)

        xi.       Alvina Ann Louise (1903-1989)

        xii.     Ella Clara (1910-1992)

3 Friedrike Auguste Schulz was born in Posen, Germany, on 9 July 1862. At the age of 83, she died while living in Bridgewater Township, Rice County, Minnesota, on 30 December 1945. She was buried in Saint John's Cemetery, Wheeling, Rice County, Minnesota, on 3 January 1946. 

Third Generation


4 Gotlieb Lick was born in Posen, Germany, on 20 January 1837. At the age of 81, he died while living in Faribault, Rice County, Minnesota, on 9 February 1918. He was buried in Maple Lawn Cemetery, Faribault, Rice County, Minnesota, on 12 February 1918.

before 1861 Gotlieb married Minnie.

They had one child:

    2    i.    Johann Friederich Wilhelm (1861-1922)

5 Minnie  was born in Germany in 1823. She died while living in Minnesota before 1893.

6 Stephan Schulz  was born in Posen, Germany, about 1814. He died after 1873.

On 26 August 1855 Stephan married Juliane Klatt in Obornik, Posen, Germany.

They had the following children:

        i.        William (1856-1856)

        ii.       Juliane Emilie (1857-1943)

        iii.     Amalie Christine (1859-1942)

    3  iv.     Friedrike Auguste (1862-1945)

        v.       Emma Elizabeth (1864-)

        vi.      Christoph Gottlieb (1866-1869)

        vii.     Bertha Ottilie Leibgott (1868-1869)

        viii.    Roman Reinhold (1873-)

7 Juliane Klatt was born in Germany about 1835. She died after 1873.

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Alvina Lick

circa 1922

The Wedding Party

John Boevers and Emma Lick

4 November 1913

L-R: Sophia Boevers, John Boevers, Ernest Lick, Minnie Lick, Emma Lick, Fred Boevers

Ernest and Carl Lick

circa 1910

Minnie (standing) and Emma Lick

circa 1910

Herman Lick

circa 1910

Augste Schulz and William Lick

25 January 1985

My father’s ancestors

Lundholm - Swedish

Bondeson - Swedish

Lapic - Bohemian

Trenda - Bohemian

My mother’s ancestors

Schmitz - German

Colling - German - Lux

Boevers - German

Lick - Prussian

Germany. There isn’t a marriage record for Christian and Wilhelmine from Samter, but there is a birth record for their son August Frederick Schulz born in 1847. Is this the same Wilhelmine? I guess only time and more research will tell.

Friedrike Auguste Schulz was born in Posen, Germany and immigrated to the United States in 1881. The District of New York, Port of New York ship registry shows that the German ship S.S. Silesia, captained by A. Albers, arrived at the port of New York on 6 June 1881. The ship was out of Hamburg and Le Havre. Among its passengers was Agusta Schultz age 18. Agusta was traveling with Gottlieb Fechner age 48 and a workman, Emilia Fechner age 34, and the following children: Hulda age 14, Otto age 8, Albert age 5, Helena age 3 and Alvina 6 months. They were all listed as being from Prussia. Emilia Fechner is Auguste Schulz’s sister.

Friedrike Auguste Schulz and Johann Friederich Wilhelm Lick were married on 25 January 1885 in Faribault, Rice County, Minnesota. William and Augusta were farmers in the Faribault area and had a total of 12 children. Augusta had two sisters and one half sister who immigrated to the United Sates. All of them settled in Minnesota.

Through my research I have traced this branch of my family tree to the early 1800’s. They are from the Posen region of Germany, which is now in Poland. This line is my least researched line. I wouldn’t necessarily call it a brick wall, but it has presented some complications, for instance, not knowing where the Lüeck family originated or if I even want to find out that my ancestry isn’t Lick but Schulz. Do I wanna open that can of worms? I need to go back and review the church records for the parish that the Schulz family lived in to see if I can recover more information.

Here is my Lick branch in pictures and below the pictures is a brief outline of this family’s ancestry starting with my great grandmother Emma Lick.