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Hello and welcome to my web site. These pages are dedicated to all of my ancestors that have gone before me. They broke ground in new frontiers and there they set their roots. Through their life experiences I draw my pride and sense of place.

My name is Michael Lundholm and I have been exploring my families history since nineteen hundred and ninety-nine. Since I started, I have found my families lineage going back to the late 1600s in Sweden and other various European countries. Over the years I’ve had help from many different people. Those who assisted me ranged from close cousins to distant researchers for pay. All have been very helpful with my quest.

My greatest asset and helper has been the internet. I love the internet. It is amazing what you can find if you give yourself the time and have the patience. I am fortunate because when I started, genealogy on line was in its infancy. I have been able to grow as it has grown. Those that were doing research before the internet had a much harder time collecting their information.  Today, with the LDS Library digitizing their microfilms and with what is available from and other similar web sites, I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for us.

No matter when my ancestors arrived in the United States or where they arrived, they all settled in Minnesota. My Swedes settled in Sibley, Nicollet and Redwood Counties. My Germans (Luxembourg, Baden, Rhineland and Posen, what today is known as Poland) along with those from Canada and the Czech Republic (Southern Bohemia), settled in Rice and or Scott County. It is amazing to me, that even though all my grandparents were born in Minnesota and some were even second or third generation living in the states, they could all speak the language from whence their ancestors came.

My pages are divided into two family branches. One is based on my father’s ancestry which is the Swedish and Czech (Bohemian) side. Then obviously, my mother’s side, which is the German and Canadian. If you would like to contact me to discuss any of my family lines, please feel free to do so. I can be contacted at the email address below. Please keep in mind that anything you find on my pages is already out of date or has been updated. Genealogy is a study that is constantly evolving and changing. Currently, the information I have on this web site is correct as far as I know. Please do not copy the information I have here, because if I update my files then the information you copied may no longer be current. Also, if you’ve happened upon my web page, let me know if we are related and how. If we aren’t related then let me know what you think of my pages. If you would like more information than what I’m providing here, please contact me and I will share, but please don’t share my hard work with everyone else. If you see that I have an error in my information let me know, but also, please cite your source and it’s reliability. As of 1 May 2011 I have 3,417 people in my files with 698 unique surnames. Some folks out there have over 90,000 people in their family tree. Why?

So I ask you to explore my pages, take a look around and let me know if you have any questions. Click on one of the surnames below and it will take you to the page for that name. You can contact me at Give me a shout.

My father’s ancestors

Lundholm - Swedish

Bondeson - Swedish

Lapic - Bohemian

Trenda - Bohemian

the sum of me:

an exploration of my roots

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My parents:

Ramona Kathryn Schmitz and

Donald John Lundholm.

Married on 11 July 1953

My maternal grandparents:

Nicholas Charles Schmitz and Malinda Louise Boevers. Married 6 February 1934

in Scott County, MN

My Paternal Granparents:

Ferdinand Eugene Lundholm and

Mary Rose Lapic. Married 18 June 1927 in Chisago County, MN.


My mother’s ancestors

Schmitz - German

Colling - German - Lux

Boevers - German

Lick - Prussian

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