The Bondeson branch of my ancestry comes through my Great Grandmother Ellen Julia Bondeson. Ellen married Otto Ferdinand Lundholm on 5 January 1899 in Walnut Grove, Redwood County, Minnesota. Ellen was born on 7 March 1878 in Bernadotte, Nicollet County in Minnesota. According to the records form the Bernadotte Lutheran church her family moved to Redwood County, near Walnut Grove on the 30th of April in 1878.

Ellen’s father was Anders Magnus Andersson from the village of Ramsebo, farmstead #1, in Virserum Parish, Kalmar län, Småland, Sweden. He immigrated to the United States in 1869. When he settled in Minnesota he started to use his father’s surname of Bondeson. Ellen’s mother was Eva Gustava Samuesldotter Frisk. She was from Viserum parish too but she was from the farmstead Hemmingsmåla under Eksebo. Anders and Eva were married on 20 April 1873, in Bernadotte, Nicollet County, Minnesota.

Anders Magnus Andersson/Bondesson was the son of Anders Peter Bondesson and Catherina Andersdotter. According to the parish church records Anders received permission to immigrate on 4 October 1869. Based on the information I received in the past, he lived a short time in Michigan before finally arriving in Minnesota. I haven’t been able to find a ship manifest for Anders, I have searched under both Anderson and Bondeson, including all variant spellings of both surnames.

Not only did Anders Magnus immigrate to the United States, all of his siblings eventually did too. Anders had an uncle, Karl Magnus Bonedesson and two aunts, Catherine Carolina Frisk nee: Bondesdotter and Eva Johnson nee: Bondesdotter who immigrated to the United States with their families. Karl Magnus and his sister, Catherine Carolina, settled in Bernadotte, Minnesota, while Eva and her family settled in Illinois. Anders’ three brothers ended up in Minnesota too. One of them married Wilhelmina Frisk, Eva Gustava’s sister. Anders also had two sisters who immigrated to the United States.

My Bondeson Branch

50th Wedding Anniversary for Otto Ferdinand Lundholm and Ellen Julia Bondeson

circa 1949

Anders Magnus Bondeson, Ellen Bondeson Lundholm, Ferdinand Eugene Lundholm, Uncle Lundholm, Otto Lundholm, Greta Lisa Johannesdotter Lundholm

circa 1929

Otto Ferdinand family circa 1905 Back l-r: Otto Ferdinand Lundholm, Eugene, Ellen Julia Bondeson. Front l-r: Edith Julia, Richard and Rudolph.

Otto Ferdinand Lundholm and Ellen Julia Bondeson wedding photo.

5 January 1899

Ellen with her grandson Donald Lundholm

circa 1942

Otto and Ellen’s children with their spouses

circa 1949

Anders Magnus Bondeson circa 1932

John Henry Bondeson and Ellen Carlson wedding photo, circa 1913

photo courtesy: Anne Rugari

Fred, Esther and Andrew Bondeson circa 1910

photo curtesy: unknown

Eva Bondeson and daughters: Esther, Emily, Mina, Ellen, Eva and Winifred

circa 1910

photo courtesy: unknown

The Anders Magnus Bondeson Family

Andrew, John Henry, Emily,  Mina, Fred, Esther, William, Ellen and Axel

Anders Magnus Bondeson, Winifred, Eva Gustava Frisk Bondeson

circa 1910

Wedding photo for Adolf William Bondeson and Rajnhild Nellie Esther Amundson with Andrew Bondeson and Ida Amundson

circa 1906

photo courtesy: Anne Rugari

The Bondeson home in North Hero (Walnut Grove), Redwood County, Minnesota

circa 1905

photo courtesy: Anne Rugari

From the picture just to the left. Wilhelmina, Anders Magnus, Eva Gustava (notice the puppy dog in Eva’s lap), John Henry and Andrew

Otto Ferdinand Lundholm and Ellen Julia Bondeson

circa 1910

Eva Gustava stands over her Milkman as he weighs her milk. She wants to make sure that he does it right. I bet he got wrong only once. I’m not sure what year this picture was taken, but I would guess it was circa 1900.

photo courtesy: Anne Rugari

Karl Magnus Bondeson Framily, circa 1895

Here are the names of the people in this family: Carl Oscar, John August, Mathilda, Anna Marie, Frank B., Adolf Willim, Aron Alfred, Esther and Daniel Gustaf, Ida Christina, Karl Magnus and Christina Maria Petersdotter.

photo courtesy: Sheila Evanson

Karl Magnus Bondeson was the uncle of Anders Magnus Bondeson. Both Anders and Magnus settled in Minnesota

circa 1895

Samuel Samuelsson Frisk and Catherina Carolina Bondesdotter. They are the parents of Eva Gustava Frisk, wife of Anders Magnus Bondesson

circa 1895

photo courtesy: Christopher Oehlke

Axel Walden, Ellen Julia and Adolf William Bondeson, eldest children of Anders Magnus Bondeson

circa  1895

photo courtesy: Paul Lundholm

Mr. and Mrs. Anders Magnus Bondeson

circa 1895

Claes Bondeson, brother of Anders Magnus and husband of Carolina Whilhelmina Frisk circa 1880

photo courtesy: Anne Rugari

Carolina Wilhelmina Frisk and her sister Eva Gustava Frisk circa 1880

photo courtesy: Anne Rugari

First Generation


1 Ellen Julia Bondeson was born in Minnesota on 7 March 1878. At the age of 80, she died while living in Chisago City, Chisago County,  Minnesota, on 15 January 1959. She was buried in Hillside Memorial Cemetery, Minneapolis, Minnesota, on 19 January 1959.

On 5 January 1899 Ellen Julia married Otto Ferdinand Jonasson Lundholm in Walnut Grove, Redwood County, Minnesota.

They had the following children:

        i.       Ferdinand Eugene (1899-1974)

        ii.      Edith Julia (1901-1990)

        iii.     Richard William (1903-1962)

        iv.     Rudolph Durward (1905-1974)

        v.       Victor Emmanuel (1907-1972)

        vi.      Harry Theodore (-1969)

        vii.     George Manferd (1911-1985)

        viii.    Paul Jonas (1913-)

Second Generation


2 Anders Magnus Andersson Bondeson was born in Ramsebo #1, Virserum, Kalmar län, Småland, Sweden, on 28 February 1845. He was baptized in the pairsh of Virserum, Kalmar län, Småland, Sweden, on 2 March 1845. Anders migrated on 4 October 1869 to To North America. He was the 57th person to leave the parish that year. At the age of 92, he died while living in Chisago City, Chisago County, Minnesota, on 9 November 1937. He was buried in Walnut Grove, Redwood County, Minnesota, on 14 November 1937.

On 20 April 1873 Anders Magnus Andersson married Eva Gustafva Samuelsdotter Frisk in Bernadotte, Nicollet County, Minnesota.

They had the following children:

        i.       Gustav Victor (1873-1891)

        ii.      Adolf William (1874-1962)

        iii.     Axel Walden (1876-1951)

  1    iv.    Ellen Julia (1878-1959)

        v.       John Henry (1880-1968)

        vi.      Mina (1881-)

        vii.     Esther A. (1883-1979)

        viii.    Emily (1887-)

        ix.      Andrew (1889-1954)

        x.       Fred (1891-1949)

        xi.      Winifred J. (1894-1960)

        xii.     Gust

        xiii.    Hannah

3 Eva Gustafva Samuelsdotter Frisk was born in Hemmingsmåla under Eksebo, Virserum, Kalmar län, Småland, Sweden, on 25 September 1853. She was baptized in Virserum parish, Kalmar län, Småland, Sweden, on 2 October 1853. She immigrated on 25 August 1871 from Göteborg, Sweden to Milwaukee, Wisconsin. At the age of 69, she died while living in Walnut Grove, Redwood County, Minnesota, on 1 December 1922. She was buried in Swedish Luthern Cemetery, Walnut Grove, Redwood County, Minnesota, on 5 December 1922.

Third Generation 


4 Anders Peter Bondesson was born in 1813. At the age of 75, he died on 22 August 1888.

On 18 November 1842 Anders Peter married Eva Catharina Petersdotter in Sweden.

They had the following children:

        i.       Eva Gustafva (1843->1880)

  2   ii.     Anders Magnus Andersson (1845-1937)

       iii.     Christina Sophia (1848-1848)

        iv.      Claes Andersson (1849-1927)

        v.       Carl Johan Andersson (1851-1919)

        vi.      Frans August Andersson (1854-1903)

        vii.     Mathilda Charlotta Andersdotter (1857-1863)

        viii.    Christina Sophia Andersdotter (1860-1879)

        ix.      Mathilda (1863->1881)

5 Eva Catharina Petersdotter was born in 1822. At the age of 45, she died on 6 April 1868.

6 Samuel Samuelsson Frisk was born in 1827. At the age of 81, he died while living in Bernadotte, Nicollet County, Minnesota, on 27 February 1908. He was buried in Bernadotte Lutheran Cemetery, Bernadotte, Nicollet County, Minnesota, after 28 February 1908.

On 26 December 1848 Samuel Samuelsson married Catherina Carolina Bondesdotter.

They had the following children:

        i.      Ida Christina (1849-1922)

        ii.     Anna Lovisa (1851-1865)

  3   iii.   Eva Gustafva Samuelsdotter (1853-1922)

        iv.     Carolina Wilhelmina Samuelsdotter (1859-1934)

7 Catherina Carolina Bondesdotter. She was born in 1825. At the age of 78, she died while living in Bernadotte, Nicollet County, Minnesota, on 9 April 1903.

Fourth Generation


8 Bonde Jonsson, was born in 1788. At the age of 70, he died on 2 August 1858.

On 5 November 1811 Bonde married Catherina Andersdotter.

They had the following children:

  4    i.      Anders Peter (1813-1888)

        ii.      Eva (1816->1869)

        iii.     Christina (1819-1888)

        iv.      Jonas Peter (1822->1894)

  7    v.     Catherina Carolina (1825-1903)

        vi.      Bonde (1828-)

        vii.     Karl Magnus (1830-1906)

        viii.    Johannes (1836-)

9 Catherina Andersdotter was born in 1792.  At the age of 62, she died on 14 July 1855.

10 Peter Persson was born in 1792. At the age of 72, he died on 9 October 1864.

On 31 October 1817 Peter married Catherina Johansdotter.

They had one child:

   5    i.    Eva Catharina (1822-1868)

11 Catherina Johansdotter was born in 1782. At the age of 58, she died on 4 January 1841.

12 Samuel Nilsson Frisk was born in 1785.  At the age of 61, he died on 8 September 1846.

On 12 November 1809 Samuel Nilsson married Stina Cajsa Jeremiasdotter.

They had the following children:

  6    vi.    Samuel Samuelsson (1827-1908)

13 Stina Cajsa Jeremiasdotter was born in 1787. At the age of 87, she died 2 January 1875.

My father’s ancestors

Lundholm - Swedish

Bondeson - Swedish

Lapic - Bohemian

Trenda - Bohemian

My mother’s ancestors

Schmitz - German

Colling - German - Lux

Boevers - German

Lick - Prussian

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One was an older sister, Eva Gustava Peterson nee: Andersdotter and then his youngest sister, Mathilda Andersdotter. Of Eva and Mathilda, I have very little information. Swedish church records indicate that they immigrated in 1880. I have found an 1880 Federal census for whom I believe are the spouse and children of Eva. Even Mathilda is listed in this record, but Eva is not present. I don’t know if she died during the journey or if she died after they arrived in the States. Other then this 1880 census record, I have no other information on Eva’s family or Mathilda. If you have an information that can help, please let me know.

Eva Gustava Samuesldotter Frisk was the daughter of Samuel Samuelsson Frisk and Catherina Carolina Bondesdotter. Eva and her mother, along with Eva’s sister, Carolina Whilhelmina, immigrated to the United States in 1871. Their ticket was for a final destination of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I just recently discovered the ship manifest for Carolina and her two daughters. They arrived in Quebec, Canada on 1 September 1871 and made it to Bernadotte, Nicollet County, Minnesota. Samuel was not traveling with them and I haven’t been able to discover Samuel’s ship manifest yet. Once in the United States, Samuel started to use his fathers military name of Frisk as his own surname. Samuel and Carolina’s eldest daughter, Ida Christina, traveled to the States in 1870. She traveled with her brother-in-law, Claes Olson, and her daughter, Amanda Gustava.  No ship manifest has been located for them at this time. An interesting thing about Eva’s her birth, marriage and every other record before her marriage to Samuel Frisk she is named Catherina, but every record I’ve found for her after she married Samuel Frisk she is referred to as Carolina. Carolina may have been her middle name, but it wasn’t in her baptismal record.

I have researched this family in Sweden back to Bonde Samuelsson who was born around 1704. Here are some pictures of the Bondesson family and below the pictures is a brief outline of this family’s ancestry starting with Ellen.